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We believe that the foundation of all healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine based on the wealth of evidence-based information that has accumulated through years of clinical and scientific research world-wide. Because of this, Johann Kim T. Mañez, MD, DipIBLM, FACLM, the founder of Lifestyle Medicine in the Philippines, has made it his life’s mission to forward this cause and help educate the public on the solutions to chronic diseases that presently kills 71% of society (WHO 2018). Join us in forwarding Lifestyle Medicine in your community. Enroll in any of the programs that catch your interest and be a beacon of hope in your part of this world, struggling to survive this pandemic of chronic conditions. Love living, start thriving and stay healthy!


Treatment Triangle

The Treatment Triangle was created by Dr. Marc Braman, past President and Executive Director of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. He captures the essence of what healthcare should be like in our society today

Lifestyle – This should be the foundation of healthcare. It is arguably the most sustainable way to maintain our health. Many people would even call lifestyle habits “common sense” factors, because even if the medical recommendations are evidence-based and scientifically sound, these recommended interventions are things our grandmothers most probably taught us when we were kids, like eating ones greens, for example, or keeping clean. It is because of unhealthy lifestyle habits that the population as we know it, develop chronic diseases, suffer from them, and die prematurely. Nutrition is a major player in keeping oneself healthy and the science backs up this concept. Considered the “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates had the right idea when he taught that “Food is Medicine”. He also taught that “Movement is Medicine”. Other aspects of lifestyle including mental and emotional health, living in the present and mindfulness, positivism and connectedness all contribute to a purpose-filled life.

Physiology – There is a place for improving our nutrient intake and physical health through natural supplements and therapies. However, these interventions should be used only as an adjunct to eating a predominantly plant-based, whole-food diet, physical activity and other Lifestyle Medicine interventions.

Prescription – We cannot do away with medications immediately. They play a vital role in the care of acute conditions. Long term use of medications, however, can cause accumulation of the drug in the system and in turn increase the risk for developing side effects that could injure our major organs of metabolism and detoxification, including, but not limited to the liver and kidneys.

Surgery – In emergent situations, this can be life-saving. When all else fails, surgery may be used as a last resort to certain diseases or conditions. Cutting out an aggressive, disease-causing tumor, a severely infected or damaged limb or injured organ, or repairing an anatomical problem, all these can be done by using surgical interventions.

Why Choose Solid Rock LM


First and foremost reason is because we care. Since Dr. Mañez introduced Lifestyle Medicine to the Philippines in 2010, he has helped thousands of patients, many from the brink of death, back to a healthy, happy and thriving life. He believes that people should be given a chance to live long, and productive lives, each organ in the body fully functional into old age.


Nutrition is the single most important environmental factor affecting our health.


Physical activity is one of the most important keys to a healthy mind and body.


Successfully managing stress will determine your ability to thrive in every situation life presents.


The most preventable risk factor affecting health. Be smart, don’t smoke. Smoking kills.


This one third of our lives determines how well we live the other two thirds.


Connectedness, family, community. We are not alone, therefore, should not be alone.

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Professionals in our own fields, each medical personnel has undergone formal academic training in some of the top universities in the country and the world.


Only from the best mentors in this specialized clinical practice. Our team members have immersed themselves in training courses that introduce the latest information and best practices in the field of Lifestyle Medicine.


With 40 plus years of combined experience in healthcare and Lifestyle Medicine, our team has learned to handle the toughest of situations coming out competent and wise.

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We want to help you live your best life ever by staying healthy, happy, productive and connected. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your life for the better. Remember, there is hope.

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